Scout Monitors for Cyber Monitoring

Cyber Monitoring

The greater a digital footprint of any person or organization, the greater the digital risk and the greater attack surface and cyber risk. Your organization’s digital risk increases as a result of an increased day-to-day dependency on digital systems and applications. Your cyber risk increases as a result of a larger number of digital assets that must keep the proper configuration and defenses to mitigate cyber threats.

With Cyber Monitors, you can collect and analyze technical content to identify signs of vulnerability or compromise. Cyber monitoring can also be referred to in different ways such as Security Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Monitoring and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

With no software to install, you can configure Cyber Monitors in a simple web-based UI to establish the coverage you need to monitor. Scout will automatically aggregate the technical data, enrich the content, classify and tag content that is a vulnerability or threat.

DigitalStakeout Scout Cyber Monitors are segregated by category, complexity of processing and data collection required to deliver the monitor capability. The results that your active monitors produce are called mentions (each individual result record). Scout automatically collects technical data, enriches the content, classify and tag content that is a threat.

  • Minimize time and effort in identifying external threats Get notified instantly when incidents are detected.
  • Identify unexpected content that indicates an exposure, breach, vulnerability or compromise.
  • Identify the severity of external threat incidents and resolve them based on scope and impact.
  • Classify technical data based on source and entity match. Mitigate noise with easy monitor exclusions and filters.

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