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DigitalStakeout Plans and Pricing

 Pay-as-you scale plans and with the most diverse blend of data sources, alert classes & integration options in the industry.

DigitalStakeout Feature Pricing Guide

DigitalStakeout is a modular platform built to suit your needs. The components below will impact your custom plan pricing.

Pricing starts at $9000/yr for an annual subscription.

  • Content Monitoring

  • Social Media
    Monitor New Public Social Media Content
  • News & Media
    Monitor Breaking News & Media Content
  • Blogs & Forums
    Monitor Chatter from Top Blogs & Forums
  • Search Engines
    Monitor New Content Indexed by Top Search Engines
  • Paste Sites
  • Dark Social
    Monitor content from unmoderated sites and forums.
  • Dark Web
    Monitor New Content on the Dark Web
  • Twitter Firehose
    Monitor For New Content from the Full Twitter Firehose
  • Digital Discovery

  • Social Media Presence
    Monitor for New Social Media Accounts
  • Digital Web Presence
    Monitor for New Domains & Websites
  • Digital Attack Surface
    Scan For Open Ports and Exposed Services
  • Data Aggregation

  • RSS Monitor
    Track any RSS Feed
  • Page Monitor
    Track any URL for content changes
  • Virtual Inbox
    Forward emails and other alers to a Scout virtual inbox.
  • Webhook Collector
    Push content into Scout from an outside source using a Webhook.
  • Configuration

  • End-users
  • Mentions (Processed Matches)
    The total number of collected records we will process matching your monitor criteria.
  • Monitors (Feeds)
    The number of monitors (active and inactive) feeds configured in Scout.
  • Dashboards
  • Historical Search
    Search and filter your historical mentions.
  • Co-Managed Support
    We help create all your feeds, alerts and support your alert triage.
  • MSSP License
    Use DigitalStakeout to deliver a risk intelligence service.
  • Features

  • Location Enrichment
    Location Enrichment
  • Sentiment Enrichment
    Sentiment Enrichment
  • Physical Risk Alerts
    Physical Risk Alerts
  • Reputation Risk Alerts
    Reputation Risk Alerts
  • Privacy Risk Alerts
    Privacy Risk Alerts
  • Cyber Risk Alerts
  • Public-Safety Alerts
    Public-Safety Alerts
  • Operational Risk Alerts
    Operational Risk Alerts
  • Custom Boolean Alerts
    Custom Boolean Alerts
  • Alert API
  • Alert Triage
    Alert Triage by DigitalStakeout Analysts
  • TOS/Compliance Protection
  • Support

  • Product Support
  • Customer Success
  • End-User Training
  • Onboarding Support
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Management
  • Remediation
  • Professional Services
  • Staff Augmentation

Sample Plan 1

  • 3
  • 100K/ Month
    The total number of collected posts matching your monitor criteria.
  • 10
  • 5
  • 90 Days
  • Add-On
  • Portal/Email
  • 2hrs/Month
  • Add-On
  • 2hrs

Sample Plan 2

  • 6
  • 250K/ Month
    The total number of collected posts matching your monitor criteria.
  • 25
  • 10
  • 180 Days
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Portal/Email/Phone
  • 4hrs/Month
  • Add-On
  • 4hrs

Sample Plan 3

  • 6
  • 500K/ Month
  • 50
  • Unlimited
  • 365 Days
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Portal/Email/Phone
  • 6hrs/Month
  • Included
  • 6hrs
  • Add-On
  • Add-On
  • Add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DigitalStakeout Scout monitor?

Monitors are a basic component of DigitalStakeout Scout. DigitalStakeout has access to different categories of data with numerous types of monitors that can filter data from those sources. The results that your active monitors produce are called mentions. Mentions are processed by DigitalStakeout’s proprietary technology to assess risk to your brand(s), product(s), asset(s) or protected information.

What is a DigitalStakeout Scout mention?

A mention is when your company’s name, brand(s), product(s), asset(s) or protected information is observed by an active monitor. Your monthly DigitalStakeout mention rate is the total number of new mentions your monitors process in a monthly period.

What is a DigitalStakeout Scout import?

A import record is row of data that is pushed into DigitalStakeout with a web-hook or log integration option. Your monthly DigitalStakeout import volume is the total bytes (in GB) of records imported during your monthly period.

How do I know how many DigitalStakeout Scout monitors and mentions do I need?

A simple question and answer process with our team will quickly and reliably establish the number of monitors and the mention rate your plan will require. To determine your minimum required monitors, count the total number of people, places, brands and products you would like to protect. If you do not know your brand’s social media mention volume, a DigitalStakeout team member can provide you your estimated mention rate.

Does DigitalStakeout charge for overages?

There are no surprise overage fees that you can incur with your DigitalStakeout Scout subscription. Your Scout monitors will not feed additional data that exceeds your plan mention limit. You’ll need to upgrade your base plan or add a mention add-on to scale your plan.

Why are DigitalStakeout contracts annual and not monthly?

Our research has proven that DigitalStakeout customers who commit to an annual contract are more successful customers. We’re proud of our extensive investment in customer success and support practices that lead to long-term customer success. You want to be a happy customer and we want you to be a happy security resilient customer. An annual contract is the first step to achieve this mutual goal.

Do you offer discounts for plans and additions?

Yes. DigitalStakeout offers discounts for accounts that exceed enterprise plan criteria. Once your account exceeds 250 monitors, 10 users and 1,000,000 mentions your plan will qualify for discount pricing tiers.