How DigitalStakeout Scout Works to Detect Online Threats

DigitalStakeout is a fully managed cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to install. DigitalStakeout Scout does the hard work by collecting mentions, normalizing the data,  performing data enrichment and uses proprietary analytics to illuminate the insights you need to mitigate risk to your business.

Configure Your Data Sources

With no software to install, it’s easy to create a feed with a Monitor through a simple web-based UI. We’ll monitor and process these feeds to spot threats to your brand, employees or customers.


Monitor Your Risk Landscape

Our AI driven technology will process and tag your monitor data. Scout automatically detects indicators of the most common physical, cyber, operational, reputation issues your organization will face online. You can also create custom alerts and alarms with user-defined rules.

Analyze and Annotate Your Discoveries

Drill down into discoveries and alerts using entity analytics, enabling time-saving tasks to remediate incidents. Scout provides the flexibility you need to investigate incidents and save time on repeated tasks with user-defined views using Boolean, faceted and entity search filters.

scout external threat management collaboration

Share Discoveries and Alerts

Give team members granular access to real-time monitor data and alerts —saving time and improving the consistency of response to external threats. Assign response tasks to the appropriate team, department, or region—boosting efficiency, accuracy, and incident response times.

Enrich Other Tools with DigitalStakeout

Our threat intelligence solution offers new ways to create context and enables you to have a more complete view of your threat landscape. Integrate discoveries and alerts into your existing security or incident management tools with a simple REST API.

scout external threat management integration

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