DigitalStakeout Footprint™

Discover your digital footprint and defend your attack surface.

Discover Exposures To Your Digital Footprint Before They Are Exploited

Before a cyber attack, reconnaissance is where any given threat actor is most likely to spend the majority of his or her time. After all, most cyber attacks begin as some form or other of social engineering or intelligence gathering, thus requiring the attacker to collect and analyze detailed information on his targets in order to gain access to their systems.

Attackers use online footprints to develop targeting profiles of your assets from open-source data. The first line of defense is simply knowing what information an attacker may find, as well as what the attacker may be able to glean from that information. Once this information is identified, your security organization can determine if such information is benign or should be removed or altered. With DigitalStakeout Footprint, search and analyze the external digital footprint of any domain, organization, network or attribute in simple to use web interface.

750 Billion+

Data Points

1 Billion+


300 Million+


25 Million+


Search Over a Billion DNS Records

Over 300 million active domains shape the Internet with NS, A, MX, TXT and other DNS records. Over a hundred thousand domains are registered or modified in a day. With this digital surface area, it’s always a daunting challenge to discover and analyze DNS based threats like infringement, squatting, phishing and brand abuse. DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting and organizing DNS data points to support your DNS intelligence needs.


With an intuitive web interface with field rich filtering capabilities, investigate and mitigate threats to your digital footprint quickly and efficiently.

Search Over a 100 Million SSL & TLS Certificates

Millions of digital certificates created or issued in order to perform encryption and validation of secure communications on the Internet. With this digital surface area, it’s always a daunting challenge to discover and analyze SSL/TLS based threats like untrusted, expired or weak certificates. With the rapid emergence of low cost and free HTTPS certificate providers, it is becoming easier for bad actors to phish or distribute malware by making it appear more legitimate to unsuspecting end-users. DigitalStakeout enables you to manage these threats by rapidly collecting and organizing certificate data for threat hunting and cyber defense.

Search and analyze IoT, Certificate and DNS footprint in one tool.

Search Over 100 Million of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Millions of web servers and other devices can be connected to the the public Internet by IP address. With organization’s digital assets expanding into cloud providers and third-parties, it is becoming harder to keep an inventory of assets that can be attributed to your organization or brand. DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting and organizing IoT scan data  to support your IoT intelligence needs.

Digital Footprint Visibility Made Simple

  • Text search by Boolean, regex and “fuzzy” matches to identify content of interest.
  • Click and pivot entity search to filter by AS Name, IP address, DNS record and other extracted entities.
  • Save views to save time with repetitive tasks and common workflow starting points.
  • Extend search with real-time monitoring and alert detection with Monitors in DigitalStakeout Scout.

Start Protecting Your Digital Footprint