DNS Search Engine

Search Over a 1 Billion DNS Data Points

DNS Search is a powerful data intelligence tool that enables analysts to discover and investigate the digital footprint of threat actors, third-party vendors and organizational infrastructure.

Over 300 million active domains shape the Internet with NS, A, MX, TXT and other DNS records. Over a hundred thousand domains are registered or modified in a day. With this digital surface area, it’s always a daunting challenge to discover and analyze DNS based threats like infringement, squatting, phishing and brand abuse. DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting and organizing DNS data points to support your DNS intelligence needs. With an intuitive web interface with field rich filtering capabilities, you and your security team will be able to quickly and efficiently manage DNS risk and respond to DNS based threats.

digitalstakeout DNS search

DNS Search Made Simple

  • Comprehensive domain search features, including Boolean, regex and “fuzzy” searches to identify malicious domain squatting.
  • Click and pivot entity search to filter by AS Name, IP address, NS, A, MX, TXT and other DNS records.
  • Saved views enable analysts to save time with repetitive tasks and common workflow starting points.
  • Extend search with real-time monitoring and alert detection with Domain Name Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout.

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