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DigitalStakeout Securd protective DNS, web security, and threat hunting capabilities defends against modern phishing, ransomware, and malware.

Free Protective DNS Service from Securd

Defend your endpoints (laptops, desktop, desktop, IoT devices) from accessing cyber threats on the web. Reduce the risk of ransomware, phishing, botnet, and malware campaigns by blocking malicious, untrusted and insecure domains. With no software to install, it takes 5 minutes to get started for free!


  • Protect against phishing, ransomware and other malware.
  • Proactive defense from new and dynamically generated C2 domains.
  • Continuous protection from millions of malicious and compromised domains.
  • Granular security policies, block pages and advanced security features.

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  • Agent-less protection for static IP locations over IPv4 and IPv6.
  • DoH and DoT support for browser-based deployments.
  • Off-network roaming client to protect end-users wherever they go.
  • Multi-tenant design to support any type of organization or service provider.

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  • Low-latency 100% highly-available global anycast network.
  • Publish security policies to take effect in real-time.
  • Global protection delivered from 30+ locations worldwide.
  • Transparent performance visibility on public network status page.

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Cyber Defense Against Modern Attacks

Without DigitalStakeout Securd, bad actors mostly have unfettered agility Internet to target your organization. They can stand up new domains, websites, and infrastructure with little or no effort. Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have the resources, patience, and methods to bypass almost all reactive cyber security defenses. To defend against this threat, DigitalStakeout Securd assumes every domain is hostile and only allows DNS queries to trustworthy domains.

  • Block newly registered, dormant and awakened domains in real-time.
  • Disrupt malware downloads and phishing with delayed DNS resolution by Securd Greywall™.
  • Set zero-trust DNS resolution policies by Securd Rank™.
  • Create implicit deny security policies.
  • Forward DNS logs in real-time to a syslog, SIEM or XDR solution.
  • Integrate with PagerDuty for efficient alerting and incident response.

CISA Recommends Protective DNS

“Selecting a protective Domain Name System (PDNS) service as a key defense against malicious cyber activity. Protective DNS can greatly reduce the effectiveness of ransomware, phishing, botnet, and malware campaigns by blocking known-malicious domains. Additionally organizations can use DNS query logs for incident response and threat hunting activities. CISA encourages users and administrators to consider the benefits of using a protective DNS service.”


Advanced DNS & Web Security Features to Defend Against Modern Phishing and Malware Campaigns

Securd Domain Rank

Reduce cyber risk by 90% with one security policy and DNS resolution setting. Securd proactively analyzes and ranks 300 million+ active and inactive domains for safety and trust.

Securd Grey Wall

Defend against asymmetric threats targeting your organization and the golden hour of an attack. Our proprietary technology learns your DNS traffic and creates a configurable barrier to new domains.

Threat Intelligence

We’ve partnered with the Spamhaus Project and other leading security intelligence providers. Securd blocks access to known threats and protects against phishing, ransomware and cyber threats in 15+ security threat categories in real-time.

Real-time & Passive DNS Analysis

Get real-time visibility into your DNS and web traffic and hunt down cyber threats to your assets. DigitalStakeout Securd enables you to analyze, search or forward your real-time DNS query logs to your existing log analysis, SIEM or XDR solution.

DigitalStakeout Securd Features

DigitalStakeout Securd can be used by any business, regardless of size or location. It takes most administrators less than 5 minutes to get started. Securd offers the following features.

Security Features

  • Block Phishing & Malware Domains
  • Block 15+ Security Threat Categories
  • Securd Domain Rank™ Protection
  • Securd Greywall™ Protection
  • SSL Proxy and Blocking
  • DNSSEC Enforcement
  • Implicit Deny/Allow DNS Resolution
  • Custom Allow Domain & Network Lists
  • Custom Block Domain & Network List
  • Custom Block Pages & Redirects

Network Features

  • 100% Uptime Anycast DNS
  • 33 Global Points of Presence
  • 10ms Query Response Times
  • Real-time Policy Changes
  • Dual Stack IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • DNS over HTTPS Support
  • Custom DoH Urls
  • DNS over TLS Support
  • Custom DNS TTLs
  • Multiple Policies Per Static IP

Deployment Features

  • Cloud-Based Security Edge
  • Simple Web-Based UI
  • Multi-Tenant/ Multi-Site Support
  • Real-time Policy Changes
  • Agent/Agent-less Deployment Options
  • Real-time DNS Analytics & Logs
  • Historical Passive DNS Logs
  • Real-time HTTP Log Forwarding
  • Real-time Syslog Forwarding
  • Pager Duty Alert Integration

Secure DNS Reduces Cyber Risk

Did you know that a Protective DNS solution can reduce your risk of a modern malware incident? According to the NSA Cybersecurity Directorate director Anne Neuberger had this to say about securing DNS.

“Using secure DNS would reduce the ability for 92% of malware attacks both from command and control perspective, deploying malware on a given network.”

DNS-level security from DigitalStakeout Securd protects your endpoints and end users from malicious sites and the hostile Internet. Powered by proprietary DNS & URL defense, zero-trust DNS filtering controls access to the Internet and keeps your end-users and endpoints safe.

Start protecting your end users wherever they are in less than 5 minutes. Start your free trial today.

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