DigitalStakeout Scout Real-time Alerting & Tagging

Get real-time email alerts and tag your data when DigitalStakeout Scout matches your criteria. 

Get alerted when critical information is discovered.

DigitalStakeout Scout’s real-time alerting features give you complete flexibility to be alarmed of important discoveries. If you can query the data in DigitalStakeout Scout, we can alert on it. Unlike other monitoring solutions, our alerting is highly configurable and customizable. With less than 15 seconds event to alert latency, you’ll be the first to know when important information is posted or discovered.


Create precision email alerts without false positives.

You have full control over the criteria required to trigger alerts. Create alerts that span all your feed data or create an alert specific to a single feed. You can create simple or complex Boolean criteria alerts – you are in control. Create alerts for yourself or easily set up customized alerts for you and your team.

create realtime alert
DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple cloud-delivered tool for security and risk pros to track and discover information from the Web.

Use automation to pre-process your alerts.

Process, enrich and tag your discoveries and alerts with automated tagging. With automated user-defined tagging, you can create tagging rules with Boolean logic and entity-level filtering. Tag the discoveries that are most relevant and meaningful or use tagging to filter out noise.

Distribute alerts to stakeholders with custom email templates.

Using a library of pre-defined tokens, you can create custom email templates and assign them to individual workflow rules. You can customize the content of your email alerts and define the recipients of your alerts.

create alert template

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