DigitalStakeout Scout Data & Integrations

DigitalStakeout Scout data collection processes are fully automated to keep your cyber intelligence feeds and attack surface data updated in real-time.

Cyber Intelligence with Comprehensive Data Coverage

Persistent collection is paramount to a cyber intelligence solution. DigitalStakeout covers the most diverse blend of data needed to for real-time cyber intelligence and attack surface management.

Proprietary Attack Surface Data Updated in Real-Time

Discover assets from live and continuously updated digital footprint and external attack surface data.

DigitalStakeout Securd Global Passive DNS

Continuous Port Scanning and Service Detection

Registered Domain Inventory

1.5 Billion+ Forward DNS Inventory

Real-time Certificate Transparency Logs

50+ Million Typosquat & Phishing Domains

Global Data Coverage

Stay updated on the threat landscape, incidents and events with information from 25+ million sites across the web.


Public Social Media

News, Blogs, Forums and Reviews

Dark Web

Integration & Data Aggregation Options

Integrate your own data and aggregate data from your favorite third-party data sources.

RSS Feeds




Start taking opportunities away from cyber adversaries.