DigitalStakeout Scout Dashboards & Analytics

Tap into your DigitalStakeout Scout data for risk insights, metrics, and data-driven decision making.

Summarize what’s happening in real-time.

Build your own dashboard to visualize activity across your aggregated data in real-time. Monitor key metrics, alerts, analytics so you can spot actionable information, trends, and matters that require action.

digitalstakeout security and risk intelligence dashboard
dashboard layout widgets

Filter your dashboard data on demand.

Search your DigitalStakeout Scout dashboard data by time, by Boolean search and entity-level filters to get the exact answer to your question.

Build your dashboard with pre-defined charts.

We make it easy to see what’s happening inside your DigitalStakeout Scout data. With a library of 100+ pre-defined charts & visualizations, you don’t have to spend any time building visualizations.

pre-made chart library dashboard
dive into details from dashboard

Dive into the details of your data.

Need to see what’s being said from a particular data source? Click into charts and visualization to see the mention-level details behind your summarized data.

Start taking opportunities away from cyber adversaries.