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Certificate Search Engine

Search Millions of SSL & TLS Certificates

Certificate Search is an intelligence tool that enables analysts to discover and investigate self-signed, free, paid SSL/TLS certificates found on public infrastructure.

Millions of digital certificates created or issued in order to perform encryption and validation of secure communications on the Internet. With this digital surface area, it’s always a daunting challenge to discover and analyze SSL/TLS based threats like untrusted, expired or weak certificates. With the rapid emergence of low cost and free HTTPS certificate providers, it is becoming easier for bad actors to phish or distribute malware by making it appear more legitimate to unsuspecting end-users. DigitalStakeout enables you to manage these threats by rapidly collecting and organizing certificate data for investigative and defensive purpose. With an intuitive web interface with field rich filtering capabilities, you and your security team will be able to quickly and efficiently investigate our global index of SSL & TLS certificates to manage risk and mitigate threats.

certificate intelligence

Certificate Search Made Simple

  • Comprehensive certificate search features, including Boolean, regex and “fuzzy” searches to identify certificates of interest.
  • Click and pivot entity search to filter by IP Address, SHA1 Fingerprint, Subject, Issuer, Serial Number and other meta-data.
  • Saved views enable analysts to save time with repetitive tasks and common workflow starting points.
  • Extend search with real-time monitoring and alert detection with Certificate Monitor in DigitalStakeout Scout.

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