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Log Forwarding

Forward and centralize your PDNS data to the XDR, SIEM or Log Analysis tool of your choice.

DigitalStakeout PDNS supports real-time log HTTP & Syslog forwarding. Log forwarding is a real-time fork of your DNS log data to a target HTTP webhook or Syslog endpoint.

We do the hard work by enriching and annotating your logs with contextual information. DNS logs are known to very extremely verbose. DigitalStakeout PDNS logging automatically de-duplicates your DNS logs on 5 minute intervals. This makes DNS logs easier to consume and analyze without excessive noise and cost.

The detailed activity logs that are visible and exportable in the DigitalStakeout PDNS will be forwarded to your target.

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout PDNS plans and pricing.

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