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DigitalStakeout OSINT Tools

Learn about the extensive set of OSINT tools within the DigitalStakeout platform.

The ability to gather information effectively from open sources is not just a skill but a necessity, especially for security and risk professionals. DigitalStakeout offers a suite of OSINT tools designed to streamline the process of digital investigations, continuous open-source intelligence (OSINT) collection, and efficient triage & analysis. Our platform will change how you approach digital reconnaissance by integrating discovery, tracking and analysis in one solution. With billions of data points updated daily, DigitalStakeout ensures you always have a digital advantage using OSINT for investigations.

Username Lookup | Social Media Profile Lookup

Username & Account Profile Search

Dive deep into the social media landscape using Canvass, a robust tool that simplifies the process of username and account profile searches. Whether TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or beyond, Canvass allows you to uncover profiles across 750+ social networks & websites with just a few clicks. This tool is a cornerstone for those aiming to quickly screen the vast expanse of social networks for social media profile discovery, making it an indispensable asset for digital investigators.

Publicly Accessible Information Search

Chatter extends your reach into the social web of publicly accessible information. With 1.5 million source websites continuously crawled, this powerful tool enables you to sift through emerging content on the surface web, social media, blogs, forums, and the dark web. Whether you need to discover content around a narrative or gather intelligence on a keyword, Chatter provides a comprehensive view of the global conversation.

Dark Web & Data Breach Search

The dark web and data breaches are no longer out of your grasp. With DigitalStakeout's Data Breach Search, identifying and analyzing potential data breaches and sensitive information exposures becomes straightforward. This tool is essential for security professionals seeking to address vulnerabilities and safeguard against information leakage preemptively.

Domain Intelligence Search

Footprint offers real-time access to DNS and web intelligence records, with billions of existing data points on 200 million+ domains. This domain intelligence search tool is a treasure trove of DNS records, IP intelligence, and website meta-data for those engaged in incident response, attack surface management, penetration testing, or anyone requiring technical OSINT for digital investigations. 

Location Based Content Search

DigitalStakeout's Locus tool unveils location-based content, extracting and inferring data from the surface web, social media, and dark web. This location-based content search is pivotal for OSINT investigations requiring geographical specificity, enabling users to uncover content and insights tied to precise places and locations.

People Search & Reverse Lookups

Uncover extensive information about an individual's digital identity with minimal starting points, such as email addresses or usernames, through DigitalStakeout's People Search. With access to billions of identities, this tool excels in reverse lookups and people searches, providing detailed profiles of an individual based on minimal information.

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