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Automated Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tool

DigitalStakeout is an advanced automated OSINT tool used by hundreds of security and risk professionals to curate information from social media, dark web, internet footprint and other publicly available sources.

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What is OSINT?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public, or open, sources where the it is free and legal to collect. As an an analyst, you should use osint data for threat intelligence as an critical source of information to support your discovery, assessment and analysis decisions.

Typically, information is considered to be open source if:

  • The content is published for a public audience.
  • The content can be found through a google search.
  • The content can be freely accessed by the general public.
  • The content is public on a social media sites.
  • If the information can be collected without restriction.
  • The information may be found on the surface web, social media, social networks, the dark web and search engines.
  • The information can be found through google hacking or otherwise known as a google dork.
  • The information may be found using technical tools like scanners, crawlers and third-party data aggregators.
  • The information may be found on deep web sites that archive historical information.
open source intelligence tool
Threat actors all use different tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to exploit your organizational weaknesses. However, the all start with conducting reconnaissance.

Discover Open Source Intelligence Before Threat Actors & Adversaries Exploit The Information

In today’s threat landscape, collecting and consolidating external information is a must to maintain situational awareness, reduce exposures, and increase incident response time. DigitalStakeout offers cloud-delivered tools designed to automatically detect external threats and data to support investigations and incident response.

Threat actors all use different tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to exploit your organizational weaknesses. However, the all start with conducting reconnaissance. Using OSINT tools, they are always gathering information through manual and automated capabilities to extract information. Once threat actors identify vulnerabilities and understand your capability of you controls, they will exploit the data they collect and execute their malicious plan.

To defend against modern threats, you need to stay a step of ahead. Being proactive in understanding your organization and its personnel’s digital footprints is part of a process known as intelligence driven defense (IDD). It is important to know what a threat actor can collect about your personnel and organization before they start their malicious activity. Knowing what information is out there from perspective of a threat actor will help your team understand where potential weaknesses lie and how to be ready in case an attacker attempts to exploit those weaknesses. Using the right threat intelligence tools, security teams can employ to detect emerging threats, make threat actors work a lot harder and improve security operations.

intelligence driven defense (IDD)

How Security and Risk Analysts use DigitalStakeout For OSINT

Mitigate active cyber attacks with cyber threat intelligence – Detect offensive campaigns & chatter directed against the organization. This includes distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, phishing, ransomware, theft, or anything else involving attacks or unauthorized access against an organization.

Detect passive cyber threats and public attack surface – Discover cyber exposures and compliance failures from within the organization. Discover information that is over shared that would be effective for social engineering employees. This includes a failure to secure Internet-facing infrastructure, such as a cloud-based application, database or server or social media posts sharing too much information.

Detect physical threats and cyber security vulnerabilities – Uncover conversations that expose insider threats, external malicious and natural threats to infrastructure. Detect online comments from disgruntled former employees, as well as incidents that may damage or disrupt infrastructure or business operations.

Detect threats to brand and organizational reputation – Monitor, alert and analyze negative events surrounding the organization’s brand that will negatively impact the organization’s overall reputation. Take down abusive content, fake profiles or develop a plan to respond to a crisis or reputation incident.

DigitalStakeout Solutions for Advanced OSINT

Search and Investigate with OSINT Tools

Search and Investigate OSINT Data with DigitalStakeout Tools

In today’s threat landscape, attackers collect information with OSINT gathering and use online footprints to develop targeting profiles of your assets from open-source data. The first line of defense is simply knowing what information an attacker may find, as well as what the attacker may be able to glean from that information. Once this information is identified, your security organization can determine if such information is benign or should be removed or altered.

DigitalStakeout Tools is a powerful security toolset for threat research. You can search and pinpoint entity specific information from 1 billion+ data points of current data from social, dark and technical data (domains, certificates, and IP addresses) in a simple to use web interface. DigitalStakeout Tools makes it easier for security and risk professionals to perform security analysis, reduce incident response time, and identify threats with greater efficiency and accuracy.

DigitalStakeout Tools with Billions of Open Source Records

DigitalStakeout Canvass™ – With Canvass, you can get total visibility into your web presence by performing searches by screen name, person name or brand on 50+ social networks and 750 websites.

DigitalStakeout Locus™ – Locus is a simple, location-based search tool that enables analysts to quickly search and filter current public location based social media and DigitalStakeout geo-enriched surface and dark data.

DigitalStakeout Chatter™ – Chatter is a search engine with an active index of millions of pages from the surface web, social media, millions of blogs, and dark web sites including Nulled, 4chan, 8kun, Pastebin, Tor, and Raidforums.

DigitalStakeout Footprint™ – DigitalStakeout Footprint is a attack surface search engine with 300 million registered domains (NS, MX, SPF, TXT records) and 1.5 billion+ A and CNAME records, 50+ typo squatting domains, real-time certificate transparency logs and SSL/TLS certificates.

DigitalStakeout’s Real-time Open Source Intelligence and Analysis Tool

Tap Into Real-time Open Source Intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout

With the volume of data out of the web, it’s impossible to manually organize and analyze this data to illuminate patterns and trends that can actionable intelligence on emerging threats. DigitalStakeout Scout is a security solution that enables osint automation. DigitalStakeout Scout combines content collection, machine learning, threat intelligence and workflow automation into a single open source intelligence tool. An easy-to-use interface combined with powerful machine learning automation, deep learning algorithms, and advanced search capabilities allows you to analyze a lot of information, create intelligence feeds, generate a view of your threat landscape, visualize trends, and anticipate threats based on unique content that you collect.

DigitalStakeout is always collecting and processing data giving security professionals a simple and scalable view of the external threat environment. With DigitalStakeout Scout, security professionals scale their visibility, cut down on reviewing noise and reduce alert false positives. DigitalStakeout Scout is the perfect tool to curate a threat intelligence feed, extract new indicators or to support your delivery of threat intelligence services to your organization or customers.

analyze open source data

DigitalStakeout Scout is a cloud-delivered threat intelligence solution that enables you to:

  • Process large quantities of external data from a variety of security and risk relevant sources.
  • Manage external threat data from one centralized location.
  • Use AI and NLP technology to detecting threats and exposures.
  • Support investigation, workflow and analysis to make better informed security decisions.
  • Fully customize the solution to support your use case and needs.

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