OSINT Word Lists

Sometimes trying to create or manage a complex Boolean query doesn't make sense. DigitalStakeout reusable word lists solve the problem.

OSINT Word Lists

Need to use a list of words for a filter? DigitalStakeout reusable word lists enable you to query your real-time and historical results simultaneously for hundreds of keywords and phrases.

With reusable word lists, you can append these lists as filters in dashboards, views, alerts, and exports. Using lists allows you to save time by managing the list once, which trickles down to where applied.

  • You can apply up to 2500 words or phrases to a list.

  • You can create as many lists as you need.

  • Use lists for filtering collected data, not aggregation.

Word lists are an unlimited* use feature in DigitalStakeout.

* Fair use policies for feature usage apply.