OSINT Discovery

DigitalStakeout's Intelligent Discovery spotter technology leverages proprietary natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that help you spot important information.

OSINT Discovery

Intelligent Dscovery™ focuses on major risks that guide you to information important to triage and review without guessing keywords. As your monitor data is collected, DigitalStakeout automatically hunts through your data to detect and tag what's most important.

Dive into Details

The Intelligent Discovery Grid summarizes the categories, sub-categories, and trends and points you to detailed results. DigitalStakeout's team is constantly improving Intelligent Discovery. Processors and spotters are updated weekly to detect new scenarios that can be repeatedly discovered with minimal false positives.

Continuous Improvment

We designed Intelligent Discovery to evolve constantly and to be improved by collective intelligence. When customers find a post that should have been categorized, we quickly review the sample and determine if it can and should be added for automated detection.