OSINT Data Enrichment

Automated data enrichment & entity extraction enable new workflows, and high-value alerts help increase situational awareness and illuminate new insights.

OSINT Data Enrichment

As you aggregate your data from a monitor in DigitalStakeout, it is enriched with new context. You can use this extracted data to filter your results, create more precise alerts, and acquire new insights from visualizations. On average, you'll save hours searching for information. Enrichment enables you to spot critical information faster, triage data efficiently, and filter your data in ways not possible with Boolean searches.

Field Extraction & Mapping

Every data source Scout processes have a unique set of fields. DigitalStakeout normalizes each data record and maximizes extractions into common fields, making filtering and triage 80% faster for analysts.

Extraction of People, Places & Things

Leveraging a frequently updated source of 500+ classes and 2,500+ properties, Scout automatically identifies over 5 million people, places, and things mentioned in the content.

Geo-Extraction and Inferred Geo-Tagging

Geotagging and geoparsing link geographic context to data. Scout extracts location and places names from unstructured text & fields to enrich records with physical and network geographic entities.

Purpose Built Classifiers for Security & Risk

Scout automatically spots and classifies relevant data into 20+ cyber security, physical security, operational security, and reputation risk-relevant topics. These classifiers are updated daily according to DigitalStakeout researchers and customer feedback.

Deep Sentiment Analysis

DigitalStakeout Scout classifies your data into five potential sentiment categories (very negative, negative, neutral, positive, and very positive). In addition to sentiment, DigitalStakeout context classifiers spot hate, offensive language, and highly volatile and high reputation risk topics.

User Defined Conditional Tagging

Create as many custom tags as you need. DigitalStakeout's automated workflow rules engine supports user-defined data tagging. With access to 50+ entity fields, boolean filters, and complex event queries, DigitalStakeout can enrich a record exactly to a set of conditions established by an end-user.