OSINT Boolean Search

Boolean search and pivot through all of your aggregated DigitalStakeout data with on-demand with precision.

OSINT Boolean Search

Search your real-time and historical data by full-text search, by an entity, and by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language. DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes your data into 50+ entity types.

Automated data enrichment enables you to spot non-obvious attributes in raw data that create unseen context. Simply query your data by these derived fields filter your data with speed and precision.

Build Boolean queries your way.

DigitalStakeout supports Boolean search across many features of the platform. Build Boolean queries for general search, AND-ing terms, OR-ing terms, negating terms, grouping, exact match, and more.

Leverage faceted filters for quicker discovery.

Faceted search or guided navigation utilizes the metadata attributed to your DigitalStakeout records, allowing you to filter and refine your search queries when looking for specific information. Based on your queries and results, DigitalStakeout summarizes entity data so you can quickly narrow down the scope of your search by adding multiple filters.

Build your word lists and phrase filters.

Word lists enable you to scan your data for a particular topic or theme quickly. Word lists make managing Boolean searches and email alert criteria more manageable. Your word lists can be used as part of any filter in DigitalStakeout. Create a word list once and share it with your team.

Create saved views with filters.

Save time on routine data you review on a routine basis. Also, save an important view while pivoting through your data. DigitalStakeout Scout filters enable you to name and save your search pattern for you and your team.