Data Aggregation

Use DigitalStakeout data collectors to aggregate data sources of your choice.

Data Aggregation

You can achieve a single view of important data by aggregating data from your existing applications. DigitalStakeout offers options to collect and aggregate data directly from target sources.

RSS Feed Monitor

With  25 million+ RSS feeds on the Internet, there is a lot to keep tabs on. A  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a regularly updated XML file  containing a list of newly published content from a website that can be  read by another program. The RSS Feed Monitor regularly monitors and  centralizes all the feeds you want to track in one place. All that is  required to use this monitor is a valid URL to an RSS or ATOM feed.  

Web Page Collector

Web Page Collector proactively poll webpages to detect content changes  that require action. Simply add the URLs you want to monitor and  DigitalStakeout will poll the URL on a regular basis. Web Page Collector automatically extracts text content and table rows from its target page and feeds the results into your DigitalStakeout. All that is  required to use this monitor is a valid public URL.

Email Collector (Virtual Inbox)

Email Collector provides the ability for you to send or forward emails to DigitalStakeout for collection and analysis. You can use this monitor to  collect important emails from your organization. In a few simple steps,  you can configure your current email gateway, email client or existing  security tool to forward emails to a virtual email. Customers also use  this collector to aggregate subscribed emails and point alerts from  other products to de-clutter their mail inbox.

Webhook Collector

Using the Webhook you can push based text-based logs, events, content or documents to DigitalStakeout. This creates a vast amount of options to leverage applications and tools to expand the view of critical information you need to track. 

Syslog Collector

Using the syslog input option to get into DigitalStakeout, log text based logs into DigitalStakeout. Send single or multi-line text, content or logs from any Syslog source. DigitalStakeout will automatically parse and spot information in your syslogs just like any other data source.