DigitalStakeout Feature Catalog

OSINT Alerts


Get proactive with alerting. Define and customize event-based alerts using extensive filtering criteria.

OSINT Investigation

Boolean Search & Pivot

Boolean search and pivot through all of your aggregated DigitalStakeout data with on-demand with precision.

OSINT Dashboard


Aggregating all your OSINT in one place creates opportunities to discover new things with an OSINT dashboard.

Data Aggregation

Use DigitalStakeout data collectors to aggregate data sources of your choice.

OSINT Data Sources

Data Sources

DigitalStakeout provides the data and integrations you need. We continuously collect, organize and structure data from across the web.

OSINT Discovery


DigitalStakeout's Intelligent Discovery spotter technology leverages proprietary natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that help you spot important information.

OSINT Data Enrichment


Automated data enrichment & entity extraction enable new workflows, and high-value alerts help increase situational awareness and illuminate new insights.

Geo Tagged Data

DigitalStakeout’s propriety enriched location data provides your unmatched visibility into what’s associated to a location on the Web.

OSINT Monitors


DigitalStakeout has access to different categories of data with numerous types of monitoring modules that can filter data from those sources.


Integrate DigitalStakeout with existing tools using with a REST API.

Word List Filters

Sometimes trying to create or manage a complex Boolean query doesn't make sense. DigitalStakeout reusable word lists solve the problem.

OSINT Workflow


DigitalStakeout was purpose-built to enable teams to scale, de-conflict, and reduce repetitive tasks.