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Social Media Account Discovery

Monitoring for Digital Presence

Continuously identify both existing and emerging social media profiles across 750+ networks and websites with expansive discovery capabilities.

DigitalStakeout's Social Presence Monitor is a powerful feature that allows organizations to discover the presence of existing and new social media accounts across 750+ different social networks and websites to protect against digital risk. This feature enables organizations to identify and track all social media accounts that mention or are associated with their brand, employees, and customers. It allows users to set up searches for specific keywords, phrases, products, or brands, and receive alerts when new accounts are created or existing ones are updated. With this feature, organizations can detect and mitigate digital risks associated with social media, such as impersonation, phishing, and malicious activity. 

Additionally, the Social Presence Monitor can help organizations identify and monitor the accounts of key influencers and competitors to better understand the broader social media landscape. With the ability to track a wide range of social media platforms, including both mainstream and alternative social networks, the Social Presence Monitor is a comprehensive solution for protecting against digital risk.

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