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Profile Tracker

Tracking Public Profiles

Streamline account reviews across various platforms with DigitalStakeout's Profile Tracker, enabling centralized monitoring of public social media profiles.

Set Up a Profile

Creating a profile is simple and quick. Choose a name for your profile to identify it amongst others easily. A profile could be a keyword, a topic, or even the name of the individual or group you're tracking.

Tag Your Purpose

Annotate why you're tracking new content by tagging your profile. Contextual tagging allows you to categorize your monitoring activities and align them with your unique objectives. For instance, you might tag your profile with labels like "brand monitoring," "competitive analysis," or "threat detection" to facilitate later analysis and reporting.

Add Screen Names

You can add screen names from various supported sources once you've set up and tagged your profile. Our Profile Tracker supports various platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Gab, etc. Enter the screen names you want to monitor, and Profile Tracker will handle the rest.

Continuous Tracking

With the Profile Tracker, you don't have to check different platforms for updates constantly. Once you've set up your profiles, our system tracks you. We provide real-time updates whenever new content is posted, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you're a brand seeking to monitor customer sentiment, a researcher tracking emerging trends, or a security professional detecting threats, the Profile Tracker has you covered. This feature helps streamline your digital stakeout operations by combining data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive picture of online activities related to the screen names you need to monitor.

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