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PII Monitor

Monitoring Data Brokers

Safeguard employee privacy and security by monitoring for exposed Personal Information (PII) with DigitalStakeout's PII Monitor.

DigitalStakeout's Personal Information Monitor (PII Monitor) is a purpose module designed to safeguard employees' personal data against online exposures. With the proliferation of data broker sites and other platforms that may inadvertently publish sensitive information, the risk of privacy breaches, identity theft, and increased physical security threats is a growing concern for organizations.

The Personal Information Monitor addresses these challenges head-on by providing comprehensive coverage and monitoring capabilities. Out of 250 million websites we track, there is an extensive network comprising over 850 organizations and 2,500+ websites that expose PII on the web. This network includes a broad spectrum of entities, such as data brokers, search engines, and affiliate sites of data brokers, all of which are potential sources for the exposure of personal information.

Organizations utilizing the PII Monitor are able to:

  • Discover: Identify and locate profiles or listings across this vast network of platforms that may contain their employees' personal information.

  • Analyze: Evaluate the severity and prioritize the risks associated with the exposed personally identifiable information (PII), enabling informed decision-making.

  • Remediate: Take decisive action to address these exposures with DigitalStakeout's support. This includes help with removing or opting out of unwanted listings, delisting sensitive information, and achieving the removal of exposed data from  search engine results.

By leveraging DigitalStakeout's Personal Information Monitor, organizations can proactively protect their employees' personal information from potential online threats, enhancing their privacy and security posture in an increasingly digital world.

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