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Create Purpose Specific Feeds for Processing

With multi-modal monitoring, efficiently track and analyze events from a diverse array of OSINT sources.

DigitalStakeout has access to different categories of data with numerous types of monitors that can filter data from those sources. Modules and their respective monitors enable a limitless set of use cases.

Canvass Monitors

Searching for a social media account manually on the web takes time and effort. You often have to search individual social media platforms to find an account. For most organizations, manually performing this task does not scale. DigitalStakeout Canvass solves this problem and saves analysts hours searching for an account. DigitalStakeout Canvass enables you to perform an automated search across 750+ social networks and websites to find a social media account by profile name or screen name.

Locus Monitors

Every risk event or hazard that can impact your assets happens at a location. However, analysts often need help identifying risks related to a specific place or geopolitical region. DigitalStakeout Locus solves this problem and saves analysts hours searching for location-based intelligence. DigitalStakeout Locus enables you to perform an automated search against geo-tagged and geo-inferred information from the surface web, social media, and dark web.

Chatter Monitors

DigitalStakeout Chatter enables you to search new content from social media, blogs, alt-tech, dark web chatter with extensive filtering options and coverage on 25 million+ sources. With millions of posts added hourly, DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting public data to make it easy to search and pivot through quickly. DigitalStakeout Chatter has many layers of searchable public content.

Footprint Monitors

With DigitalStakeout Footprint, tap into the data behind 300 million registered domains and 2 billion+ hostnames shape the Internet with NS, A, MX, TXT and other DNS records. Over a hundred thousand domains are registered or modified in a day. DigitalStakeout Footprint does the hard work by rapidly collecting and organizing web, DNS, and IP data points to support technical OSINT needs.

Twitter Firehose Monitors

Create a real-time stream and analytics from the Twitter firehose that complies with security industry acceptable use cases. DigitalStakeout has years of experience maintaining compliance and innovating privacy and safety controls. Perform your security or risk management use case with confidence that you’ll stay compliant with Twitter’s security sector authorized practices, protect your reputation and maintain public trust.

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