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Location Based Content Search

Uncover content based on geographical location and inferred data from the surface web, social media, and the dark web with DigitalStakeout's Locus.

DigitalStakeout Locus is a location-based index that helps organizations identify and mitigate risk related to specific geographies. It enables search of global public location-based social media and web content by location, enabling quick review localized information.

One of the unique features of DigitalStakeout Locus is its proprietary data enrichment technology, which extracts and performs geo-tagging of content without any native geo-point data. 

Leveraging Locus, you can discover and track web content, social media posts, news, and dark web posts that are associated with a location, even if the content does not have native geo-point data. 

DigitalStakeout Locus geo-enriches content from over 25+ million unique sites on a daily basis, providing users with a wealth of location-based data to search and analyze.

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout plans and pricing.

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