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Historical Search

Search, Filter and Analyze All Your Historical Data

Access context-specific data from designated time ranges with DigitalStakeout's historical search feature.

DigitalStakeout Scout allows users to boolean search through historical and real-time data by time, making it easy to find specific information quickly. With this feature, users can search for data from any folder (comparment) or monitor (feed) within a specific time frame, such as the last week, month, or year. 

This feature is particularly useful for investigations, compliance, and threat hunting where the timing of events is critical.

Users can set time ranges for their searches, including custom ranges, and can also filter results by keywords, phrases, and other criteria. This feature allows for advanced search capabilities, such as searching for specific keywords within a certain time frame or finding all data related to a certain event. Additionally, users can also save their search criteria for future use, making it easier to re-run searches at a later time.

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