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Geo Tagged Data

Leverage Geo Tagged Data for Location Analysis

Maximize geo-tagged data utilization with DigitalStakeout's enriched location data, providing unparalleled visibility into precise geographical locations.

We live in a world where breaking events and incidents can occur at any time.  Geo-tagging and geo-inferring data enables location context. This is why we run geo-enrichment processes against all the data we collect. 

DigitalStakeout is the only platform that geo-enriches data collected from every source including the surface web, social media, the dark web and customer specific data collectors. 

DigitalStakeout offers a multitude of geo-based features across the platform. 

  • Create persistent geo-fences to track content associated to a locations.

  • Search historical surface web, social media, the dark web location-based data on-demand.

  • Filter data by location enriched fields such as city, state and country.

  • Filter data by geo-fence to isolate your data based on a location.

  • Manually geo-tag data by location to support collaboration and workflow.

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout plans and pricing.

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