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Geo Location Monitor

Monitoring Locations

Discover real-time insights and ground truth using DigitalStakeout's Geo Location Monitor for accurate location-based intelligence.

Geo-tagged and geo-inferred content is valuable because it provides location-based context to the information being shared. This means that organizations can detect localized events and take action based on what is happening in a specific area. This type of data can be used to track potential risks or opportunities, monitor brand mentions, and gain a better understanding of local sentiment. Additionally, using geo-tagged and geo-inferred content can be useful for tracking the spread of localized misinformation and disinformation, for crisis management, for physical security and for understanding consumer behavior.

DigitalStakeout's Geo Location Monitor is a powerful module that helps organizations identify and mitigate risks related to specific geographies. With this feature, you can define a geo-fence and monitor for newly discovered geo-tagged content in real-time. Unlike other location-based monitoring solutions, DigitalStakeout's Geo Location Monitor discovers new content from over 25+ million sources including the surface web, news, blogs, forums and the dark web.

This feature allows you to:

  • Monitor for geo-tagged and geo-inferred content in real-time.

  • Discover mentions about locations without having to guess keywords.

  • Create and organize multiple circular or custom polygon geo-fences.

Note: Geo Location Monitor is subject to use-case approval for social media sources. Government subscribers are subject to DigitalStakeout responsible use controls. With the help of this feature, organizations can stay up-to-date on events and incidents happening in specific locations, and take action accordingly.

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