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Geo Intelligence: Mapping Global Security Risks

Identify location-specific security risks with geo-intelligence features. Analyze global public location-based content for quick, localized threat assessment.

What is Geo Intelligence?

DigitalStakeout Geo Intelligence leverages proprietary data enrichment technology to extract and perform geo-tagging of content without any native geo-point data. This powerful tool allows users to discover and track web content, social media posts, news, and dark web posts associated with a location, even if the content does not have native geo-point data.

DigitalStakeout's Geo Intelligence has been essential in providing us with comprehensive location-based data. The detailed insights and real-time analysis have significantly enhanced our ability to respond to location-specific threats. - Lisa, GSOC Analyst

How Geo Intelligence Works

Geo Intelligence geo-enriches content from over 25+ million unique sites on a daily basis, providing users with a wealth of location-based data to search and analyze. This comprehensive coverage ensures a more detailed view of location-specific threats and activities, making it easier to spot potential risks and manage location-based intelligence effectively.

Importance of Geo Intelligence

Accessing and analyzing location-based data is crucial for maintaining situational awareness and making informed decisions. By identifying and mitigating risks related to specific geographies, businesses can proactively address potential threats and enhance their security posture.

Benefits of Geo Intelligence

  • Comprehensive Geographical Coverage: Geo Intelligence geo-enriches content from over 25+ million unique sites daily, providing users with a wealth of location-based data to search and analyze. This extensive coverage ensures a more comprehensive view of location-specific threats and activities.

  • Enhanced Risk Mitigation: By discovering and tracking content associated with specific locations, Geo Intelligence aids in identifying and mitigating risks related to those geographies, enhancing overall security.

  • Proprietary Data Enrichment: Geo Intelligence utilizes advanced geo-tagging technology to enrich content without native geo-point data, ensuring that users can access and analyze location-specific information effectively.

Did you know that manually searching for location-based data across multiple sources can take days or even weeks? Using an automated tool like DigitalStakeout Geo Intelligence can save you over 90% of that time, providing efficient and comprehensive results.

How DigitalStakeout Geo Intelligence Works

DigitalStakeout Geo Intelligence allows users to discover content based on geographical location from the surface web, social media, and the dark web. The tool uses proprietary data enrichment technology to geo-tag content, enabling targeted and effective geographical content analysis.

Supported Data Sources and Technologies

  • Surface Web: Comprehensive indexing of public web content.

  • Social Media: Monitoring of social media posts and activities.

  • Dark Web: Tracking of posts and activities on the dark web.

  • Proprietary Geo-Tagging Technology: Advanced technology to extract and geo-tag content without native geo-point data.

How to Use Geo Intelligence for Location-Based Data Search

  1. Specify Search Criteria: Enter the location or geographical area of interest in Geo Intelligence to initiate the search.

  2. Review Results: Analyze the results to assess location-specific threats and activities.

  3. Use Context Menu Options: Users can right-click on the action icon of a record to access options such as: a) Detailed Analysis: For in-depth examination of location-specific content. b)  Location Alerts: To set up alerts for similar future activities. c) Location Tracking: Setup a feed to track events within a geo-fence in DigitalStakeout Scout

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