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FrontPage Monitor

Monitoring Weaponized Websites

Detect weaponized domains using DigitalStakeout's Front Page Monitor to safeguard your brand from digital fraud and abuse.

DigitalStakeout's Front Page Monitor allows users to easily track the appearance of new websites on the web that match a specific keyword, phrase, product, or brand. This module provides access to monitoring millions of continuously updated website descriptions, and detects the presence of a brand or keyword in the primary descriptors of a website. 

Once a monitor is created, DigitalStakeout Scout will continously query DigitalStakeout Footprint's database and publish matching results. This feature can save users over 90% of the time and effort in discovering newly active and weaponized domains, and automatically detects dormant domains that have gone active.

Front Page Monitor can be used for a variety of use cases such as digital brand protection, digital risk protection, attack surface management, and open source intelligence. 

It helps organizations mitigate digital fraud, abuse, and exploits from nefarious actors and cybercriminals, protect their organization's digital footprint. With Front Page Monitor, users can stay on top of their digital footprint and quickly respond to changes in their external attack surface.

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