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Domain Intelligence Search

Access extensive DNS and web intelligence records through DigitalStakeout's Footprint, encompassing billions of current data points.

DigitalStakeout Footprint provides access to billions of records of current technical internet data. This data comes from live Securd threat hunting data and proprietry 24x7 crawling and mapping of the Internet.

DigitalStakeout Footprint is an osint search engine and has an osint API, allowing users or developers to easily find and investigate specific types of digital intelligence. DigitalStakeout Footprint is used for a variety of purposes, including brand protection, incident response, threat hunting, external attack surface management, due diligence, and web research. 

Some of the specific data points that DigitalStakeout Footprint maintains:

  • 300 million+ registered domain names

  • 2 billion+ hostnames

  • Real-time certificate transparency logs

  • Millions of typosquat domains mappings 

  • 50 million+ domain meta-data profiles

Accelerate your security and investigative worflow by tapping into real-time technical OSINT. Get started for free with DigitalStakeout Footprint. 

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout plans and pricing.

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