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Folders & Tenants

Logically Organizing Your Data into Compartments

Streamline data organization and segregation with DigitalStakeout's versatile multi-modal data structure for enhanced efficiency.

With the increasing need for organizations to manage and analyze large amounts of data, the use of multi-modal data collection tools has become increasingly important. These tools allow for the storage and organization of data in a way that is both efficient and effective.

One of the key features of DigitalStakeout Scout is the ability to store content into a folder system. This allows for the compartmentalization and organization of data, making it easier to access and analyze. This is especially useful for organizations that have multiple departments or teams, as it allows each team to access only the data that is relevant to them.

Multi-tenancy is another area where DigitalStakeout Scout can be particularly useful. Multi-tenancy is a concept where a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. This is often used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who need to segregate customer data. With a multi-modal data collection support from DigitalStakeout Scout, MSPs can create separate folders for each customer, ensuring that their data is completely separate and secure.

DigitalStakeout's automation can scan all the data or specific compartments to meet specific customer or user needs. This allows for automated monitoring and analysis of the data, providing organizations with valuable insights and alerts in real-time. Automation can scan all the data to scale out resources or specific rules can be created to scan individual compartments or monitors meet specific customer or user needs.

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