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Email Templates

Customize Email Alert Delivery

Maximize your operational efficiency with email alert templates, designed for customized intelligence sharing.

Email Alert templates enable users to create and customize email alerts that automate the communication of key data insights. This functionality allows for the definition of bespoke email templates tailored to specific alert criteria and user needs, streamlining the notification process and ensuring that critical information is shared with relevant stakeholders.


  1. Automated Notifications: Ensures timely dissemination of crucial data insights to stakeholders, enhancing awareness and response capabilities.

  2. Customization: Offers the ability to personalize email content, structure, and recipients, aligning notifications with specific operational requirements.

  3. Efficiency: Reduces manual effort in communicating alerts, saving time and resources for strategic tasks.

  4. Scalability: Facilitates the easy scaling of communication strategies to accommodate a growing list of monitoring criteria and stakeholders.

  5. Precision Targeting: Allows for targeted alert dissemination, ensuring that only relevant parties receive specific notifications minimizing information overload.


  1. Template Configuration: Users can name and describe templates, linking them to specific workflow rules for automated applications.

  2. Recipient Configuration: Defines primary recipients and includes options for CC and BCC, tailoring the distribution list for each alert.

  3. Content Customization: Enables detailed customization of the email's subject, header, body, and footer, including dynamic insertion of data points through field tokens.

  4. Field Tokens: Offers placeholders within the email content that are automatically replaced with actual data from Scout, providing contextually rich notifications.

  5. Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrates with DigitalStakeout Scout's workflow rules, creating sophisticated alerting mechanisms based on specific data triggers and analysis outcomes.

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