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Domain IP Intelligence: Investigating Online Assets

Investigate domain-related threats with extensive DNS and web intelligence. Access comprehensive data for in-depth digital investigations and risk assessment.

What is Domain and IP Intelligence?

DigitalStakeout Footprint is an OSINT search engine and API that provides access to billions of records of current technical internet data. This data, sourced from live Securd threat hunting data and proprietary 24x7 crawling and mapping of the internet, is crucial for investigating and mitigating domain-related threats.

DigitalStakeout's Domain and IP Intelligence has been invaluable in identifying and mitigating potential domain-related threats. The comprehensive search capabilities and detailed insights have significantly enhanced our digital security. - Michael, Cybersecurity Analyst

How Domain and IP Intelligence Works

DigitalStakeout Footprint offers a dynamic approach to digital intelligence by providing detailed records and analysis tools. Users can easily find and investigate specific types of digital intelligence through the search engine or API, making it an invaluable resource for various security and research purposes.

Importance of Domain and IP Intelligence

Accessing comprehensive DNS and web intelligence is crucial for protecting your brand and ensuring the security of your digital presence. By investigating domain-related threats, businesses can proactively address risks such as phishing, typosquatting, and unauthorized activities, enhancing their overall security posture.

Benefits of Domain and IP Intelligence

  • Extensive Data Coverage: DigitalStakeout Footprint provides access to billions of technical internet records, offering a broad scope of investigation. This extensive coverage ensures a more comprehensive view of the digital landscape, making it easier to spot potential risks and manage domain-related threats effectively.

  • Detailed Domain Intelligence: Access to 300 million+ registered domain names, 2 billion+ hostnames, real-time certificate transparency logs, and millions of typosquat domain mappings. This aids in risk mitigation and protection of digital assets by providing visibility into authorized and potentially fraudulent activities.

  • Real-Time Data Access: Utilize real-time certificate transparency logs and live threat hunting data for up-to-date intelligence. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized access, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities.

Did you know that manually investigating domain and IP intelligence across billions of records could take an immense amount of time? Using an automated tool like DigitalStakeout Footprint can save you over 90% of that time, providing efficient and comprehensive results.

How DigitalStakeout Domain and IP Intelligence Works

DigitalStakeout Footprint allows users to access and investigate extensive DNS and web intelligence records. The tool supports searches by domain, IP address, hostname, and more, enabling targeted and effective digital investigations.

Specific Data Points Maintained by DigitalStakeout ASI

  • 300 million+ Registered Domain Names: Comprehensive data on registered domain names.

  • 2 billion+ Hostnames: Extensive records of hostnames.

  • Real-Time Certificate Transparency Logs: Access to live certificate transparency logs.

  • Millions of Typosquat Domain Mappings: Detailed mappings of typosquat domains.

  • 50 million+ Domain Meta-Data Profiles: In-depth meta-data profiles of domains.

How to Conduct Domain and IP Intelligence Searches

  1. Specify Search Criteria: Enter the relevant domain, IP address, or hostname in DigitalStakeout Footprint to initiate the search.

  2. Review Results: Analyze the results to assess the digital presence, including authorized and potentially unauthorized representations.

  3. Use Context Menu Options: Users can right-click on the action icon of a record to access options to initiate additional investigative action

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