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Data Sources

Tap Into Millions of OSINT Sources Across the Web

DigitalStakeout continuously gathers, organizes, and analyzes web data from essential sources for your needs.

DigitalStakeout continuously collects, organizes and structures data from across the web so you don't have to spend time on managing data collection. Need a data source? We are constantly expanding our data coverage to meet customer needs.

Global Content

  • The Surface Web Mainstream

  • Social Media & Alt-Social

  • Local, National, & International News

  • Blogs, Forums & Reviews

  • The Dark Web

DNS & Web Intelligence

Tap into billions of continously updated Internet technical data points. Derived from DigitalStakeout's Protective DNS network telemtry data, DigitalStakeout Scout enables observation into the real-time pulse of the Internet.

  • 250m+ Registered Domains

  • 2 Billion+ DNS Records

  • 100m+ Landing Pages

  • 50+ Million Typosquat Domains

  • Real-time Certificate Logs

Data Collectors

Integrate your own data and aggregate data from your favorite third-party data sources.

  • RSS/Atom Feeds

  • Page Monitor (Track pages for changes)

  • Webhook (Input any Text over Webhook)

  • Email (Create a Virtual Email Box)

  • Syslog (Push data over SYSLOG)

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout plans and pricing.

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