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Data Breach Search

Dark Web & Data Breach Search

Identify and analyze potential data breaches and sensitive information exposures

DigitalStakeout’s Data Breach Search is a comprehensive tool designed for identifying and analyzing potential data breaches and sensitive information exposures. By utilizing a vast array of online sources and tailored search patterns, this tool offers users a dynamic approach to monitor and uncover data breaches.

Supported Query Selectors

  • Bitcoin Address: Track Bitcoin address transactions or mentions.

  • Credit Card Number: Detect exposed credit card numbers.

  • Domain: Identify breaches linked to specific domains.

  • Email Address: Search for compromised or mentioned email addresses.

  • Ethereum Address: Monitor Ethereum address transactions or mentions.

  • IBAN: Explore exposures of International Bank Account Numbers.

  • IPV4/IPV6 CIDR Block: Investigate activities related to IP address ranges.

  • IPFS Hash: Search content linked to InterPlanetary File System hashes.

  • MAC Address: Locate mentions of specific MAC addressess

  • Phone Number: Uncover potential exposures of phone numbers.

  • Social Security Number: Find compromised SSNs.

  • URL: Determine if URLs have been compromised or exposed.

  • UUID: Search for specific Universal Unique Identifiers.

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