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Triage & Investigate Your Data

Console facilitates detailed analysis with customizable search and filter options, data tagging, and export capabilities, enhancing user ability.

Console within DigitalStakeout Scout is an advanced tool for navigating and analyzing data collected by Monitors. It offers sophisticated search, filtering, and pivoting functionalities, allowing users to dive deep into collected and enriched data for targeted insights. 

Key features include monitor-specific searches, boolean queries, and extensive filtering options. Users can customize their data view, organize searches, apply or remove tags, and export data for external analysis. This comprehensive search and analysis feature supports thorough investigations, pattern identification, and actionable intelligence extraction, simplifying the process for critical information discovery and informed decision-making.


  • Enables in-depth investigation and analysis of vast datasets

  • Streamlines the process of identifying actionable intelligence

  • Reduces time spent on incident triage & repeat review

  • Facilitates organized case management and collaborative analysis

  • Enhances decision-making with precise, data-driven insights


  • View and search real-time and historical data in one place

  • Advanced search capabilities with boolean queries

  • Extensive filter options, including 50+ entity types

  • Pivot functionality to focus on specific data

  • Customizable views with toggleable facets

  • A comprehensive tagging system with user-defined tags

  • Workflow actions, including  deletion, event tagging, and comments

  • Data export options in various formats for external use

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