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Blog Monitoring

Monitoring Blogs

Keep informed by tracking millions of blog posts for pertinent content through our blog content discovery feature.

There are a large number of blogs on the web, with new ones appearing constantly. While it is difficult to produce an exact number, there are about 50 million that are active. Out of these many blogs, we consider around 1 million the most highly ranked blogs. These blogs are followed by a large number of readers and have a significant impact on their respective niches. Their followers are dedicated and look forward to reading their next post. These blogs have a loyal following and are considered as a credible source of information, opinion and news. The number of highly followed blogs varies across niches and industries and it is constantly changing as new blogs are created and older ones become less active. Some of the most popular niches for blogs include lifestyle, fashion, technology, food, and personal finance.

DigitalStakeout's Blog Discovery feature in Keyword Monitor is a powerful tool that allows users to stay informed about the latest developments in their  field by discovering posts and comments from a wide range of blogs. 

This feature allows users to create a feed to monitor new content from millions of highly followed blogs by keyword. The tool can scan blogs globally and locally, from niche blogs to popular blogs and blogs with a  significant following in their respective niches. Additionally, it can discover posts and comments from social media, news sources, and independent journalists. 

This feature enables users to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, track conversations, and identify opportunities for engagement. The blog discovery feature uses exclusion options to filter out irrelevant content and deliver only the most  relevant and important blog posts and comments to the user, saving time and resources. This feature is particularly useful for users that need to stay informed about breaking news, risk management, crisis management, or customer service issues that are related to their field.

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