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 Word Lists

Filter Your Data with Bulk Word Lists and Phrases

Streamline complex Boolean searches using reusable word lists to efficiently define and manage search criteria.

What are resuable word lists?

DigitalStakeout's reusable word lists feature allows you to quickly and easily filter through large amounts of aggregated data to find specific information. With this feature, you can create lists of keywords and phrases that can be used for filtering your real-time and historical data in dashboards, views, alerts, and exports.

The reusable word lists feature includes:

  • The ability to apply up to 2500 words or phrases to a list

  • The ability to create as many lists as needed

  • The ability to use lists for filtering collected data, not aggregation

* Fair use policies for feature usage apply.

Why are resuable word lists important?

Using DigitalStakeout's reusable word lists helps users save time and  streamline their operations by eliminating the need for complex Boolean search queries. Instead of having to manually input a large number of  keywords and phrases for filtering collected data, users can create  lists of words and phrases and apply them as filters in dashboards, views, alerts, and exports. This allows users to manage lists once and then apply them in multiple locations, which can greatly reduce the time  and effort required to filter data. 

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