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Domain & Web Intelligence

Domain and web intelligence search engine + API for threat monitoring, investigations, threat hunting, and incident response.


Leverage real-time data from the web to accelerate your discovery and investigative workflows with on-demand search or by REST API. Structured digital OSINT from DigitalStakeout enables a limitless amount of security and web intelligence applications and use cases.


  • Search 300 million+ registered domains

  • Search through 2 billion+ host name records.

  • Search 1 million typo-squatted domains.

  • Search millions of certificate trust log entries.


  • Quickly access real-time web intelligence.

  • Search across datasets without limitation.

  • Pivot to across data and linked meta-data.

  • Export records on demand to JSON.


Leveraging the DigitalStakeout Footprint API is simple. Read the Footprint API docs to learn how easy it is to access over 3 billion continuously maintained DNS and web intelligence data points.


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Domain, IP and Web Intelligence Use Cases

Brand Protection

Discover and respond to phishing, typosquatting, brand abuse, and copyright infringement.

Incident Response

Accelerate incident response and enrich IP and domain information, helping organizations find and correlate threats faster. Leverage linked domain and IP data to track down C2 servers.


External Attack Surface Management

Discover exposures and vulnerabilities in your or third-party external-facing digital attack surface.

Due Diligence

Identify digital risks that could directly impact your venture, merger, acquisition, or business transaction.

Web Research

Expand your web research options and discover an organization's web technology to curate business intelligence


On-Demand Digital OSINT

Registered Domain Names

Search 300 million+ registered domains. Pivot to IP address, network, and linked DNS A, AAAA, MX, NS and TXT records.

Forward DNS Names & Subdomains

Search through 1.5 billion+ host name records. Each forward DNS record is continuously updated for its corresponding CNAME or A record, IP address and linked properties such as subdomain, TLD and other meta-data.

Certificate Transparency Logs

Search new certificate trust log entries from Cloudflare, Google, DigiCert, and Let’s Encrypt to discover new hosts, emerging phishing sites and shadow-IT.

Typosquat Domains*

Search the top 1 million most popular domains for bitsquatting, homoglyph, hyphenation, insertion, omission, repetition, replacement, subdomain, transposition and vowel-swapping. *coming soon!


DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

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