Location based social media search to discover public engagements pertaining to your brand, properties and customers.

Connect with social media users and audience regardless of location.

Detect threats and mitigate vulnerabilities with location-based monitoring.

  • Location based social media search to filter public conversations at any location.
  • View single or multiple locations for an aggregate view.
  • Filter out noise with faceted topic navigation and boolean search capabilities.

Discover and review social media engagements at a particular location faster.

Simple Location-based search with DigitalStakeout.

  • Sentiment and emotion algorithms detect and tag negative engagements.
  • Automated discovery alerts users of anomalies that warrant immediate attention.
  • Bookmarking allows users to save time on routine and repetitive tasks.

Optimize future campaigns, workflows and procedures with location based social media analytics.


  • Real-time and on-demand historical analytics on conversations and audiences.
  • Boolean, faceted, entity, topical and date/time search.
  • Summary, comparative, location-based, and trend analytics.

“…a powerful digital risk monitoring solution…”