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Digital Footprint Protection

DigitalStakeout's Digital Footprint Protection service offers a comprehensive solution to help organizations proactively safeguard their protectee's personal identifiable information (PII) and maintain their privacy online. With our PII removal service, security teams save hundreds of hours of work discovering exposures and performing opt-out requests. Most importantly, ensuring data privacy is the last thing you want to be concerned with after a crisis strikes.

Protect employees & client digital footprint from data brokers that sell and index information about peoples' property, location, life and other private details. We make sure your protectees are not found in those search results for any nefarious actor to exploit.



Reduce protectee external digital footprint and what personal information can be found on search engines like Google. We help individuals opt out of data broker websites, which sell personal information without individuals' consent. By using our service, you prevent employee personal data from being sold or shared without your permission.


Many data broker sites do not honor permanent removals. DigitalStakeout will continuously track hundreds of data brokers and detect when information is re-exposed. When data is re-exposed, we immediately take action to help get the content offline.


By reducing the amount of personal information that is available online, you reduce your risk of identity theft, stalking, and spam. A smaller digital footprint makes it more difficult for nefarious actors to gather information about targets, which can make it harder for them to target individuals with scams or other cyber attacks.

Comprehensive Detection & Removal

DigitalStakeout offers a comprehensive solution that covers hundreds of sites, offers a high level of automation and customization, and provides expert support and assistance for client specific needs.


Why Choose DigitalStakeout?

Comprehensive Coverage

DigitalStakeout is the best digital footprint protection service option for organizations because we offer a total solution that covers a broad range of websites, data broker sites and adapt to situations boilerplate removal services cannot. Our service is designed to remove personal data from even the most difficult-to-opt-out sites, and we have a proven track record of achieving removal and re-emergence requests.

Coverage Across the Web

In addition to covering hundreds of sites and discovering new ones faster than any other provider, DigitalStakeout also offers a high level of automation and customization that covers protectee footprint on the surface web, social media, and dark web. Our service automatically files removal or abuse claims on behalf of users, and we offer personalized options such the ability to monitor specific types of personal data across the whole web or specific sites.

Highly Vetted Security Professionals

DigitalStakeout also provides a high level of support and assistance to our users. Our team is vetted and all DigitalStakeout members are former security professionals. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we offer a range of resources and tools to help you understand your privacy options and protect your personal information.

Continuous Reporting

Access detailed real-time discovery and reporting on each protectee. Reporting will show you the volume of information we are discovering and analyzing for exposure. Reporting includes source data, confirmed detections and the status of all incidents and removal requests.


DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

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