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Social Media Threat Monitoring

Stay aware of breaking events, emerging threats, online threats and respond to negative mentions with automated social media monitoring and analytics.


Monitor for critical mentions on social channels in parallel while monitoring the surface web, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet for mentions of your brand, planned actions, data leaks and doxxing online threats, and new exploits. Risk-based context enables analysts to separate noise from valuable discoveries and actionable information. Automated enrichment and automated data tagging enable analysts to create precision alerts and workflows that save time.


Tap into your social media results for risk insights, metrics, and data-driven decision-making. Build your dashboard and analytics to visualize social media activity in real-time. Monitor key metrics, alerts, and sentiment analytics to spot actionable information, trends, and matters that require action. Perform unified analysis on all of your social media data. Search your real-time and historical data by full-text search, by entity and by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language.


With extensive filtering and data tagging, you have full control over the criteria you define as a feed and a social media alert. You can create simple or complex criteria alerts – you are in control. Create alerts for yourself or easily set up customized alerts to be distributed to your team. You can create custom email templates and assign them to individual workflow rules using a library of pre-defined tokens. You can customize the content of your social media alerts and define recipients.

Social Media for Security & Risk Professionals

DigitalStakeout Scout combines social media data collection, machine learning, intelligence, and workflow automation into a single social media listening capability. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can continuously scan and visualize social channels in real-time. DigitalStakeout comes with 50+ visualizations that enable situational awareness and provide immediate security insights. Get the flexibility you need to investigate incidents and save time on repetitive tasks with user-defined views using Boolean, faceted, and entity search filters. DigitalStakeout Scout’s workflow and alerting features give you complete flexibility to be alarmed of important discoveries.


Features & Capabilities

Access the Data You Need
Data Sources & Integrations with visibility into billions of data points across surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.

Organize & Scale Your Tracking
Monitors are modules that enable analyst to create automated context specific feeds from highly organized and structured data sources.

Get Enriched Social Media Data
Enrichment processes that use machine learning, natural language processing and AI to automatically spot important information in 20+ security and risk mitigation categories.

Save Time Triaging & Searching Data
Automated Data Tagging enables users to use automation to annotate records for use case specific investigation, analysis and workflows.

Create Boolean Real-Time Alerts
Real-time Alerting alarms you to discoveries and critical information that matches your criteria monitor or Boolean search criteria.

Search and Pivot Through Your Data
Boolean & Linked Data Search enables time-based search, investigation and analysis of all your aggregated monitor datasets.

Visualize and Analyze Data On-Demand
Dashboard & Analytics enable analysts to create use-case specific dashboards to visualize data, metrics, and support data-driven decision-making from enriched information.

"DNS firewalls could have mitigated one-third of the incidents we studied and could have prevented $10 billion in losses in those incidents. Furthermore, because it is likely that a protective DNS (PDNS) could have had a role in stopping one-third of all breaches"

THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF DNS SECURITY, Global Cyber Alliance - June, 2019


DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

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