Location-based Security Intelligence Software

Often called geospatial security intelligence, location-based security intelligence software is a subset of security analytics that provides insights based on map and geospatial data. These tools help users determine risk and threat relationships between the physical location of people, places, and assets. Security analysts can use location-based security intelligence tools to determine the risk profile coupled with the physical and cyber exposure of a location. In most use-cases, analysts use location-based intelligence in tandem with other security monitoring tools.

Everything Happens At a Place

In the past, risk mitigation was based on three major factors – asset, impact, and likelihood. In today’s social media world with a 24 x 7 information cycle, responding to a threat quickly is critical. Unmitigated risk in an unacceptable time window will result in tangible damage and losses. A lack of a timely response disrupts the opportunity to take advantage of events where an organization has a competitive advantage against the situation. Today, risk management is a real-time function and needs to adapt to new information at the speed of change. This is where location-based intelligence comes into play.

Real-time location-based intelligence shows breaking events relating to the coronavirus in the United States.

Get Visual Ground Truth from any Location through Social Media

With DigitalStakeout, you have the power to get “ground truth” when breaking events occur and the analytics to get the insight into what’s happening on the ground.

  • Monitor any global location with user-defined geo-fences in real-time.
  • AI-driven threat detection automatically illuminates high-risk situations.
  • Search and filter with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • Get expert support to organize and scale monitoring to your needs.

Our platform and tools do the hard work to combine data from a variety of sources. Analysts can use this integrated data to find correlations between different layers and act on previously hidden risk insights. For example, marketing can uncover customer issues that are being driven by well-intended revenue-driving processes. The security team will discover the presence of an event that requires immediate action. These risk insights have traditionally been challenging to discover and have a material impact on security if not mitigated promptly. However, by using security intelligence software properly, organizations are at a proactive advantage to reduce business risk at a speed of change never before experienced. This, combined with our near real-time collection of data, is what will enable your company to keep up with even the fastest evolving situation.

Get Real-time Hyper-Local Intelligence on Covid with Location-Based Monitoring

As the number of 2019 novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV rapidly escalates, location-based intelligence about the illness empowers organizations to detect and respond to critical situations.

Real-time location-based intelligence shows breaking events relating to the coronavirus in Europe.

Location rich intelligence will enable your organization to access real-time, accurate and reliable information that will have an immediate impact on your organization and the reduce the risk of using erroneous information commonly disseminated during a pandemic.

Location-based social media enables organizations to spot issues at specific sites without then need to discover content by keyword or hashtag.

Location-based social media enables organizations to spot issues at specific sites without then need to discover content by keyword or hashtag.

For example, we reviewed social media being posted in the New Rochelle, NY region. In the figure above, we can see images of people crowding in a store front. As the population in this area is highly susceptible to risk from the outbreak, health officials, public safety and corporate personnel from the organization should work together to distance people from each other to reduce social distance while waiting in long lines.  This is just one simple but very powerful example where location-based social media intelligence can have a positive impact on the public good in a time of health crisis or any other natural disaster.

Act Now and Get Better Situational Awareness of Covid-19.

Every organization, agency and enterprise is being impacted by the corona virus pandemic. Contact us now and a member of the DigitalStakeout team will follow-up with you immediately. To make this more affordable for many more organizations, we’re now offering a new plan starting at $400/month. DigitalStakeout will provide your organization with a quick ramp solution to monitor and track coronavirus outbreak developments specific to your situational awareness needs. We can have your organization fully setup and trained in a matter of hours. Act now and get the critical intelligence and information from locations that matter the most to you, anywhere in the world at any time.