Who is targeted by email-based phishing and malware?

Google and Standford University performed a study on over 1.2 billion email-based phishing and malware attacks against Gmail users to understand what factors place a person at heightened risk of attack.

About the Gmail phishing and malware user study

  • A joint five-month study conducted by Google with Stanford University researchers.
  • Anonymized email from Gmail consumer users between April 7 and August 31, 2020.
  • 1.2 billion email-based phishing and malware attacks analyzed.
  • 531,970,56 phishing emails were analyzed.
  • 679,835,204 malware emails were analyzed.
  • On average, 17.0 million users were targeted on a weekly basis.

Observations about phishing and malware campaign size

  • A total of 406,002 distinct phishing campaigns were observed.
  • A total of 724,160 malware campaigns were observed.
  • The top 10% of phishing campaigns accounted for 76% of phishing emails.
  • The top 10% of malware campaigns accounted for 61% of emails with malicious attachments.
  • 91% of phishing campaigns distributed less than 1,000 emails.
  • 99% of malware campaigns distributed less than 1,000 emails.

Observations about phishing and malware campaign duration

  • 89% of malware campaigns last just one day.
  • 80% of phishing campaigns last less than one week.
  • Traffic to phishing pages has been found to disappear within a few hours after detection.

What Gmail users get targeted by phishing and malware campaigns?

  • Attackers focus their phishing and malware attacks on North America and Europe.
  • 83% of phishing emails and 97% of malware emails in written in English.
  • The odds of someone age 55-64 experiencing an attack is, on average, 1.64 times that of an 18–24 year old.
  • Users with personal data exposed by third-party breaches face far higher average odds of attack.
  • Results suggest that data breaches expose users to lasting harms due to the lack of viable remediation options.

Defending against phishing when users click on the threat

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