Top 5 Threats To Monitor for in Real-time on Social Media

The top threats your organization needs to proactively monitor and remediate to maintain a resilient security posture.

physical threat social media

Physical Threats

Unfortunately, social media is a gateway to deliver hate and threaten violence. Physical threats vary in degrees of danger. Dangerousness is the state in which individuals become likely to harm themselves or others, representing a threat to their own or other people’s safety. Organizations need to detect and assess the potential of digitally communicated threats becoming physical. Secondly, organizations need to understand what events may impact their employees’ physical security, locations, and events.

cyber threat social media

Cyber Threats

Social media offers cyber threat actors a wealth of information to use in their nefarious acts. Oversharing information online enables cybercriminals to weaponize this information in social engineering and phishing campaigns. Bad actors create fake social media accounts or hijack hashtags to trick employees or customers into sharing confidential information. Disgruntled employees may intentionally leak confidential company information online. Hackers also advertise breached confidential data for monetary gain.

reputation threat social media

Reputation Threats

It takes years to build up a positive and trusted brand reputation. It can be destroyed with a few posts. Organizations should always watch for hate, offensive, and politically volatile language sourcing from employees, ambassadors, influencers, and official brand accounts. In today’s rapidly changing social environment, negative interactions and experiences can quickly turn into public calls for boycotts, protests, or legal action.

operational threat social media

Operational Threats

In today’s 24×7 information cycles, organizations need to be aware of what’s impacting their operations and supply chain at all times. Failing to respond to an incident impacts the bottom line and deteriorates customer and stakeholder trust. In most cases, this incident information makes its way to social media before any other information source. Unintentional, technical, natural, and health hazards that can impact business operations need to be monitored and analyzed at all times.

public safety threat social media

Safety Threats

Safety threats are sudden high-risk threats to life and property. Public safety activity or a site lock-down may be nearby where your employees are present. In many cases, these events become rapidly shared on social media and can be detected with location-based social media. This intelligence provides organizations an opportunity to take proactive measures to communicate a shelter-in-place to reduce the immediate risk of harm.

Failing to Monitor Social Media in Real-Time

It’s important to manage these risks in real-time. This means that you should be responding to these discoveries within minutes. Failing to act on an external threat to your organization that is discoverable on social media exposes your organization to serious reputational and financial impacts. In regulated industries, these incidents can also lead to compliance violations that can come with serious financial penalties. It is also likely your insurance providers will investigate social media for evidence of discovery issues as potential neglect or not implementing the appropriate duty of care.

We Help Organizations Detect and Act on Threats

Monitoring for these top 5 threats and others with DigitalStakeout Scout is a crucial factor in avoiding these potential exposures. DigitalStakeout simplifies this process by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our proprietary technology automatically detects and alarms customers to these top threats that most social media and web monitoring tools & services fail to address or miss. DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support gives you access to subject matter expert resources to detect and take action against these and other risks to your organization.

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