Automated threat intelligence and risk-based cyber exposure detection

The cybersecurity industry is changing drastically from the traditional manual investigation model and shifting towards a computerized threat intelligence and risk-based cyber exposure model. New terms & processes as threat hunting have emerged to accelerate the detection of active threats to corporate reputation and customer experience. Is your security intelligence capability able to detect threats before they reach the firewall or critical third-parties moving in that direction too?

It wasn’t too long ago; organizations were aggregating data from security tools and manually mapping external cyber threat information to connect the dots. This process often took weeks, during the time where attackers exploited vulnerabilities and extracted data from their targets. Now, this is shifting to a change where systems that identify and help to resolve cyber attacks are more automated, learning from human inputs. Intelligence analysts tag relevant data; smart systems learn from these inputs over time.

There is too much threat information for humans to handle

The landscape that must be covered and protected from attacks has grown drastically over the last few years. With the constant expansion of cloud-driven technologies and social apps, the term of petabyte has become the new normal. The tipping point where there is too much information for humans to handle has happened. Organizations now must protect an external attack surface from vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks. External user-generated data on social media must also be analyzed and prioritized to drive remediation that aligns with the risk mitigation strategy of the business.

osint dashboard

DigitalStakeout’s security intelligence platform is built with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate and streamline digital risk management. We can aid in the aggregation of web data across different data types (surface web, social media, deep web and dark web) and help normalize all of the information to rule out false-positives, duplicates, and enrich the attributes within the data to detect threats, vulnerabilities, and critical discoveries.

Correlating threat or vulnerability to drive the appropriate response to observed individual risks

Our platform helps point intelligence analysts to the digital risk needles in the haystack. Powered by algorithms built to detect scenarios. Processing surface, social, deep, and dark web data, we correlate threat or vulnerability to drive the appropriate response to observed individual risks. Because our platform can be customized and organized as analysts’ desire, it allows analysts to focus on what matters. Over time an entity-centric and smart filtering capability enables analysts to quickly differentiate between what to escalate, integrate into internal system, reducing the alert volume, and alert fatigue.

We’re changing the digital risk technology landscape. Using a business risk-based methodology, we’re enabling customers to implement automated processes to monitor for digital risks outside the firewall and tie together security incident notification and human intervention. With the velocity and veracity of user-generated data outside the firewall on social media, deep web, and dark web, we help do the heavy lifting of data crunching. As a result, analysts can focus on investigating and resolving the threats that affect their people, places, and brand.

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