Top COVID-19 disinformation campaigns

As coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic took hold on our society, disinformation campaigns appeared online instantly. How do you detect and not respond to false and misleading information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19)? The first defense is understanding where the most disinformation exists.

Information about COVID-19 virus origin

China and other authoritarian governments have 100% control over their population’s information. They promote false claims about the origins of the virus in an attempt to shift blame to others. Their goal is to divide free societies against each other. The most common disinformation tactics they use include censoring news, injecting false narratives onto social media platforms, and promoting slick government-produced videos.

Information about controlling the corona virus

Chinese state-backed media promote content that focuses on China’s self claimed success rapidly controlling the virus. On the other end of the spectrum, their media influence campaigns suggest the U.S. and other Western countries have failed in their response. This narratives and messages are amplified on social media platforms in an intent to demoralize target populations.

5G Conspiracy Theories and COVID

Disinformation campaigns promote narratives that 5G technology suppresses immune systems and that 5G spectrum bands enable the spread the virus. This also is done to demoralize target populations and their trust in their government.

Government Response to COVID-19

Disinformation involving the government’s response to COVID-19 will cause confusion. Every stage of the pandemic will suffer from this type of disinformation campaign to create confusion and distress against target populations.

Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

False information about COVID-19 treatments circulate on social media, including potentially extremely harmful suggestions that can “cure” the virus. Treatments that have efficacy will also be questioned about their side effects and “known” harm to people.

Focus your COVID19 monitoring on targeted sources

Organizations should use DigitalStakeout Scout to monitor the corona virus chatter. For example, FEMA has established a site called Rumor Control to counter false rumors. DigitalStakeout will help you monitor trusted and reliable sources that are not disinformation. If you need immediate help with this concern, please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.