Secure Remote Workers and Off-Network Devices

Securd offers support for remote and off-network protection with a Securd Edge Client for Microsoft Windows.

Off-Network Protection From Cyber Threats

The Securd Edge Client enables on/off network windows clients to be protected by Securd, while being able to access private and internal DNS resources with domain suffix exclusion. The Securd Client is a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package and its very simple to install. With less than a 100MB footprint on an endpoint, the Securd Client provides a light weight option to secure off-network clients from malicious domains, keep malicious content off network, identify the use of unsanctioned SaaS applications and sites, and gain complete visibility into endpoint DNS traffic on and off network.

Direct to Internet Protection Without Compromising Speed

One of the most exciting features of the client is that it is always evaluating the shortest and fastest path to resolution. Real-time optimization in the client routinely determines which protocol (dnscrypt/udp, DoH, etc.) and any cast network option are the fastest route to resolve DNS queries. If our client can determine there is a 10ms advantage, it will dynamically change its configuration to deliver the end-user and endpoint the fastest resolution and DNS performance possible.

Configure Device Level Policies

Once your Securd Protection Edge Client is installed and in your company inventory, each device becomes bound to a virtual site that is associated to a security policy. Since you can create a single virtual site or multiple virtual sites in the Securd Web Gateway, this allows for device level policies to be created. This means you “could” have a specific security policy for executives, employees, or any group of users.

Quicker Path to Remediation With Client Information

The Securd platform maintains a real-time inventory of all your connected clients. As you can see in this device detail below, you’ll have detailed information about an example client. You can also easily assign a device to a policy with a simple action of selecting a drop down option.

securd windows device detail

Client or site information is appended to every DNS query that we log. When a security threat is blocked or when a historical query needs to be investigated, you can quickly filter information in your logs by device or IP address. You can quickly identify the client that is at risk and isolate it from other network resources before the compromised end-point impacts or compromises other resources on your network.

Cloud-Based DNS Security & Malware Defense

Almost in all Internet communications, DNS plays a central role. If a zero-trust method is employed, 90% of modern malware and phishing attacks can be stopped at the DNS layer. The Securd DNS Firewall and Web Filtering solution makes it easy to:

  1. Secure your endpoint DNS traffic and stop costly cyber threats.
  2. Detect unsanctioned application use and inappropriate site browsing.
  3. Unify endpoint visibility of on-site and off-network DNS traffic.
  4. Forward passive DNS logs to a cloud-based SIEM for deeper security analytics.
  5. Set up alert and incident management with simple application integrations.

Protect remote employees from threats on the Internet with Securd DNS Firewall and Web Filtering. Getting started and getting your first site, windows device or browser protected takes less than 5 minutes.