New: Domain Threat Monitor

New: Domain Threat Monitor

Domain monitor is a new advanced real-time domain infringement & footprint detection capability

The Problem

Threat Actors

It is cheap and easy for threat actors to register domains. Many registrars sell high volumes of domains to professional spammers and malware operators. Many registries do not stop or limit this endless supply of domains that can be purchased by bad actors. To make the matter worse, social media content providers shorten URLs and inadvertently hide fraudulent domains from end-users. This allows for a perfect environment for threat actors create similar domains to divert traffic, phish for personally identifiable information (PII) and distribute malware.

Property Control

As the cloud-based enterprise grows, detecting the existence of cloud-based apps and understanding host sprawl associated to your brand is critical to protect your enterprise. Many organizations are unaware of their full digital footprint and cannot inventory company sub-domain use on third party infrastructure.  The improper implementation and configuration of third-party cloud apps will lead to the loss of confidential information with zero visibility to mitigate a leakage or breach.

The Solution

domain_monitor_exampleDigitalStakeout’s domain monitor provides customers with real-time visibility into domain usage and sub-domain usage based on their criteria. Customers can detect the existence of domains and alert for:

  • Partial brand name match
  • Full brand name match
  • Brand name and TLD match
  • Domain, AS Name, ISP and IP address match
  • Domain and site content match

In addition to detection, DigitalStakeout cyber enrichment automatically adds network & infrastructure context and assess any cyber risk the domain may pose.

  • Custom word-lists to trigger alerts based analyst preference.
  • Real-time cyber enrichment including, network intelligence and geo-location.
  • Automated named entity resolution of people, places and topics in content.
  • Automated sentiment analysis (very negative, negative, neutral, positive, very positive).
  • Publish annotated threat intelligence via REST API.

If you are an existing DigitalStakeout customer and have a question on how to deploy the Domain Monitor feature or need help with a particular use case, we’re here to help. Please submit a ticket through the DigitalStakeout portal. If you not a current customer and would like to learn more about Domain Monitor and other DigitalStakeout digital risk intelligence capabilities, please contact us here.