May 2018 External Threat Summary


External threats come in many forms, below are the stories that you need to know about.


Amazon Alexa records family’s conversation and sends the audio to a random contact.

Amazon Alexa Recorded a Conversation and Sent It to a Contact Without Permission.

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Thousands of passwords leaked by phone monitoring application.

At least one server used by an app for parents to monitor their teenagers’ phone activity has leaked tens of thousands of accounts of both parents and children.

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3 million users of Facebook personality app have had their data exposed.

Huge new Facebook data leak exposed intimate details of 3 million users.

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Brazilian ISP distributes routers that contain no Telnet password.

A Brazilian ISP appears to have deployed routers without a Telnet password for nearly 5,000 customers, leaving the devices wide open to abuse.

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Twitter bot accounts being recycled for use in multiple campaigns.

Twitter spam accounts are retooled for a new campaign.

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Android App drupe left users’ personal data exposed on unsecured public Amazon cloud servers.

Android App With 10 Million Downloads Left Users’ Photos and Audio Messages Exposed to Public.

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Disclaimer: This monthly update contains key stories of interest pertaining to external threat management. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of linked third-party content and accept no responsibility for the content created by a third-party.